Your loan. Your terms.
Your people.

Lendoor makes it easy to fund a low interest loan for your business by borrowing small amounts from friends, family and community.
Pick your terms
fund your business

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Good for borrowers

YOU CHOOSE YOUR TERMS With Lendoor you choose the terms so you know the loan will fit your needs. EASILY RAISE AND REPAY MONEY Pledging support is fast, seamless and all done online. Repaying is automatic - you don't even have to click a button. BUILD A SUPPORT GROUP Starting or building a business is tough. You can do it with a little help from your friends.
Good for lenders

DO GOOD, EARN INTEREST It's a privilege to be part of a small business success story. Help a friend and get paid back, with interest. CRYSTAL CLEAR, 24/7 Log into your Lendoor account and see exactly how much you will be paid back and when. LEND MONEY SECURELY Pledging money with Lendoor is safe and secure. Your loan comes with a formal lending agreement too.
Nicole, borrower

"I needed funding to get my small business off the ground, but banks were making it difficult. Then I found Lendoor and set up a crowdlending campaign - there was no hassle, I pay a low interest rate, and I work with people I already know!"
John, lender

"When I was presented with a Lendoor funding campaign, all the information was there. It looked very professional. It made my decision easy."

Who sets the terms of your Lendoor loan?

You choose the most important terms of your loan: size, term to maturity and interest rate.
Size $5,000 TO $50,000
Interest Rate 0 - 8%

All other terms are standard.
Repayment MONTHLY
Loan Agreement STANDARD
Prepayment Penalty NONE
How it works

Lay out the vision of your business in a beautifully organized and compelling online campaign

Present your campaign to your extended network: Friends, family, neighbors, customers...Anyone or everyone you know!

If your pledge goal is met, your loan campaign is funded and you get the money!
View this one minute video to see how it works
Am I ready?

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What's next

When your campaign meets its goal you'll receive your loan. Lendoor's system will handle everything from this point on:

It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 50 supporters - you will make one monthly payment and Lendoor will distribute it to your supporters proportionately.

Everything is handled securely online including signing a formal loan agreement with each of your supporters.

Supporters can log in and see what they're owed and all the payments coming their way. No phone calls or early re-payment requests, everything they need to know is online.

Here is the important small print

We are passionate about our mission to create a level playing field where small business entrepreneurs can raise funds and the friends and family that fund them can get repaid, all through a simple, transparent, and efficient process.

We want to make sure that you are completely informed about the Lendoor funding process. Please note that loans originated on Lendoor are intended for community interest and to help friends and family. Like any loan, there is a risk that it may not be repaid, with the interest payable to lenders potentially not fully compensating them for that risk.